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Electrician in Claremont, Constantia, Newlands, Ronderbosch : Rob 071 533 6466

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RSA Electrical tackles any job, whether big or small in all electrical disciplines, any electrical fault! We work extensively around Cape Town.

Whether it’s new wiring, emergency repairs, issuing a Certificate of Compliance or working with you to design a lovely range of Bespoke Switches and Plugs– we’ve got you covered.

Fault Finding, Tripping Circuit Breakers and Earth Leakage Units, Installation of Sub Prepaid Meters.

Rewiring or moving a Distribution Board. Upgrade from old fuse box to new Distribution Board.

Power to Air-conditioners, Installation of Hob and Ovens, including free standing stoves. 

Installation of additional switch socket outlets (plugs), light fittings and outside lights. 

The changing of old fluorescent fittings to LED lamps. This is a huge cost saving.

Lighting Design, Installation of LED Strip Lighting, power to catering equipment.

UPS, Inverter, Motion Sensors, Generator installations.

The Installation of Inverters : wring of critical circuits : Lighting and Switch Sockets

We are able to inspect, repair and provide compliance certificates for all installations up to 1000 Vac single or three phase.

Rob, the Director, works side by side with his men, and personally inspects all jobs once completed he then signs and hands over the compliance certificate.

Example of work done : Renovation of new kitchen : LED Lighting, new plugs, installation of hob, oven, extractor fan


If you’re looking to sell your home or want to ensure your electrics are functioning correctly, you’ll want an electrical inspection so that we can issue a COC (Certificate of Compliance).

This is a legal requirement, but it doesn’t have to be a painful exercise – we are highly skilled at inspections and can thoroughly examine your property and issue the COC or make the necessary repairs before the COC can be issued.